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Media expertise, content creation & digital strategy  

The Complete Public Relations Consultancy & Management Company

Eriskay02 is a leading integrated public relations company based in London providing strategic consultancy, marketing, advertising, editorial services and event management. The company specialises in facilitating business between the UK and Turkey in addition to the core business, with a wealth of experience and knowledge of things British & Turkish, making it most dynamic and well-connected company focusing on the Turkish speaking world in the UK.


Eriskay02 positions clients through corporate identity programmes and product publicity, as well as offering strategic communications consultancy to companies and not-for-profit organisations. Clients range from consumer goods, IT & telecoms, pharmaceutical firms, trade and professional associations and tourism to fashion among others. We offer a tailor made service to create a positive image in the media and public opinion. Eriskay02 blends key ingredients to give a fresh infusion of ideas for each and every client, providing high-impact communication strategies that get you heard when and where it matters. 


Since it's inception, The Eriskay02 PR has quickly become one of the most trusted and sought-after businesses to liaise with local, regional, national and international media for editorial product placement, entertainment PR, event press and brand development.

Our goal is to create for our clients clear, concise, and credible communications campaigns that rise above the clutter in a media-saturated world. To this end, we maintain strong relationships with both global and regional media, and we use those relationships—along with intuition, instinct, and intelligence—to develop and secure a client’s public image. In addition to supporting a client’s primary career, our talent publicists also provide communications guidance for his or her other interests, such as charitable organisations, endorsements, and new business ventures.

We take great pride in the depth and breadth of our client relationships. We listen, question and evaluate with an open mind unrestrained by conventional wisdom—and then work to develop creative communications campaigns that are uniquely designed and executed to help clients achieve their particular professional and personal goals.

We The Eriskay02 PR, brings a fresh way of doing things to the image management arena. Our creative, high-service and results-driven approach translates into memorable outcomes, impeccable events and powerful partnerships.  With our experience and extensive contacts in music, television, film, entertainment, lifestyle and sports press, The Eriskay02 PR is a credible, powerful force within the industry.